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sebeastly said: What did you do.

We, your angels, didn’t do anything. 

However I can’t say the same for Lucy and Zac, our devil horn having twins. Although even us, the halo having twins, don’t disagree with the actions that they may or may not have taken.

If Columbia calls it wasn’t us

We didn’t do anything hundreds of other students haven’t. So really we, and by we I mean our evil twins, were just trying to help. They, our evil twins, should get paid for the work they didn’t do, but wanted to.

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Sleep is a wonderful thing.



Maybe if you get enough sleep that little thing will grow.


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Take me with you. I’ll be Snow White or Belle. 

With the magic of Disney you could be both.


Hmm, and is that who you were they day you stole costumes?

Nah, she was one of the tiny people from It’s A Small World, and I was someone who worked in Epcot in France.


And what characters would you be?

Minnie Mouse so she can be with Mickey, and Jack Sparrow, because the only thing more appealing to me than hooking up with a pirate, is being one.


The fun would be me getting a chance to make plans with you.

Don’t know, my dads seem to like it here, this might become our new residence. Which is alright with us, because then we can fulfill childhood dreams of bring a beloved Disney character to life.


When will you be back home, Wyatt? Or have you decided to become a Floridian?

Now where would the fun be in me telling you when I’ll be back in the city the never sleeps?


And so modest, too. You’re quite the catch, Wyatt.

That I am. Whoever ends up catching me is going to be one lucky son of a bitch.